Healing Herbal Infusions

Healing Herbal Infusions teaches aspiring home herbalists how to make natural plant-based remedies to treat a variety of common ailments and illnesses.

Everyone deserves to know how to heal themselves naturally. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve optimum wellness for yourself and your family using uncomplicated remedies and techniques!

The recipes I’ve created for this book are simple and straightforward. They are easy enough for a beginner to understand and carry out, yet accessible to herbalists of every level.

Join me on the path to natural health and wellness!

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What it includes

A jar of fermented red onion and thyme in honey on a white cloth surrounded by half of a red onion and fresh thyme.
Infusions to boost your immunity

Our immune systems can be delicate, especially during the fall and winter months when viruses tend to circulate. Thankfully there are many herbs, berries, flowers and roots available to boost and support our immune system. And if you do happen to catch something, these same plants can also provide some relief!

Here are some of the tinctures, teas, and other herbal infusions you will learn to make to boost, maintain, and heal your immune system.

Infusions to relieve what ails you

We all have ailments that rear their head from time to time, some more serious than others. Many natural herbal remedies are available to provide relief during a flare-up. Headaches, sore throats and coughs, earaches, and eczema are all common problems that can benefit from herbal medicine. You’ll learn about amazing health-promoting herbs that can help you treat these discomforts in a safe way, often without having to resort to taking prescription medication.

For every ailment, there is an herb that can help! Here are a few of the recipes from the book that can heal your ailments.

Infusions to nourish your skin, lips & hair

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own beauty and skin health products using all-natural ingredients to replace chemical-laden conventional products, this is the chapter for you! Many herbs and flowers, such as calendula, lavender, elderflower, and rose hips, have amazing nourishing properties for your hair and skin. Here is a sample of the recipes you’ll learn to make to help you nourish and repair your skin, lips, and hair using all-natural herbal ingredients

Here is a sample of the recipes you’ll learn to make to help you nourish and repair your skin, lips, and hair using all-natural herbal ingredients.

Healing Herbal Infusions also includes these chapters:

“In this informative user friendly herbal guide book, the author does a brilliant job demystifying and simplifying the art of herbalism and herbal preparation so that everyone, even the beginner, will feel comfortable making their own herbal remedies and recipes. Extensively illustrated with stunning photographs, Healing Herbal Infusions is brim full of great remedies, recipes and wise herbal advice. The author, a trusted and experienced herbalist, shares her passion for nature, herbs and herbal healing in a wonderfully clear and accessible way.”

Rosemary Gladstar

Herbalist and author of “Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide” and “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health”

Everything You Need to Achieve Wellness... Naturally!

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“Somewhere there is a spotless sunroom where piles of colorful and fragrant herbs are arranged on a low table. Heaps of rosemary, yarrow and calendula flowers are surrounded by glass bowls and gleaming jars. There is a sharp knife on a birch cutting board. Colleen has opened the door to this room and invited us in, providing techniques and recipes that are simple and well-informed. I want to sip this tea, rub herbal oils on my calluses. I'm glad she's made this all so easy!”

Richo Cech

Founder of Strictly Medicinal Seeds and author of “Making Plant Medicine”

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