Learn How to Live with the Seasons

Grow Forage Cook Ferment inspires naturally minded people to live with the seasons, become more self sufficient, and protect their health. We offer simple and easy to understand guides and ideas for growing and foraging food and medicine; recipes and tutorials for cooking, fermenting, and preserving the harvest; and easy homemade herbal remedies and body care products.


Foraging and Harvesting Chaga Sustainably + Chaga Benefits

Foraging in the winter can be daunting, but if you are in a colder region be on the lookout for chaga fungus! Today I’d like to welcome guest poster Lucia Hadella who is going to teach us all about foraging and harvesting chaga sustainably. You can read more about Lucia at the end of this…

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12 Powerful CBD Benefits for Your Health

{This post is sponsored by FlowerChild CBD} Medical cannabis and CBD is all the rage these days, especially since it is becoming legal in more states every year. One major reason for all the excitement is that CBD is highly effective at treating many common health issues and relieving pain. The benefits of CBD and…

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Gift Guide for Backyard and Permaculture Gardeners

If you know someone who has a backyard garden, and I’m sure that you do, I have some great gift ideas that they will love! Many of these items are a little different than the normal gardening fare, and some of them even have a bit of a permaculture twist. This gift guide for backyard…

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Gift Guide for Fermenters and Homebrewers

I recently gave you some gift ideas for foragers and wildcrafters and for backyard gardeners, and now here’s a gift guide for fermenters and homebrewers! Fermenting is a huge passion of mine, and I love showing people how easy it is. This is going to be a long one because I have many recommendations, and…

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