- fresh cranberries - knob of fresh ginger - cinnamon stick - fresh orange juice - raw honey

Pierce the skins of your cranberries to release some of their juice

Fill a mason jar with your fresh cranberries

Add the ginger, cinnamon stick, and orange juice before stirring

Top with raw honey to completely cover ingredients and give it a good stir

Cover your jar with a two part lid over parchment paper

Give your jar a few flips to completely coat the cranberries in honey

Loosen the lid, then place the jar into a dark place to ferment

Every few days, tighten the lid on your jar and give it a flip before re-loosening it

Within a few days, you'll see small bubbles begin to form

Let them ferment for up to a month, or eat them at any time!

Store in a cool place for many months or even a year or more